"Sad Dogs Outside Shops" Is The Cutest & Saddest Facebook Page To Ever Exist

Photo: Courtesy of Sad Dogs Outside of Shops' Facebook
If you're ever worried that the world is so much of a dumpster fire that you've become desensitized to any and all emotion, don't worry. These pictures of sad dogs waiting outside stores for their owners will be sure to bring some feels back into your cold heart.

Documented by the Facebook group Sad Dogs Outside Shops, these are the dogs you pass on the street patiently waiting for their owners to get coffee or finish their grocery shopping, maybe returning with a treat. Normally, we give these pups a pat and move on, but this Facebook group is a heartbreaking second look.
“I’ve always loved dogs but it wouldn’t be fair to have a dog in our apartment so the only exposure I get is sad ones paws-ing outside shops,” Andy, the creator of the group, told BuzzFeed News. “The more I look for them the more I [see] them!”

This seems to be what happened to everyone else, as well. The group has well over five thousand likes, and photo submissions are coming in on a regular basis.
“I reckon 90% of the photos are submitted by followers of Sad Dogs,” Andy continued. “I get them from all over the world now and many of the pictures are of really high quality…we are slowly building a Sad Dogs community.”

Of course, it's not too sad. We know that these dogs are only upset because dogs are notoriously bad at telling time, as well as understanding English when you say to them "I'll be right back." Can we start another group called Sad Dogs Outside Shops Reuniting With Their Owners? Something tells me it will be just as popular.

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