Steve Carell Plays A Mean Joke On Fans, Tweets The Office Is Coming Back

On Tuesday, Steve Carell tweeted some surprising news: that The Office is coming back.
Fans were beside themselves.
But their excitement came to a rapid halt when he confessed he'd made a "typo" and meant to say "Will & Grace."
Considering that those two titles sound nothing alike, it's safe to say that was not in fact a typo but a cruel, cruel joke. Office enthusiasts felt let down, to say the least.
People have been calling for an Office reboot since before this happened, though there aren't any signs of that dream coming to fruition.
Carell wasn't lying about one thing, though. Will & Grace really is being rebooted on NBC. But that's not enough to console all the Twitter users who got their hopes up.
At least Jim Halpert approves of the joke.

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