Someone Created A Twitter Account For Corinne’s Nanny Because We’re Worth It

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
You're not a legitimate part of the pop culture lexicon unless someone creates a parody Twitter account for you, am I right? Such has been the path of memes like Mayor Michael Bloomberg's abominable Spanish, Kylo Ren's more emotional alter ego, and numerous celebrity manes. Today, we recognize a newly cemented part of 2017 pop culture: Corinne's nanny. For those who don't know her yet, Corinne Olympios is the token villain in this season of The Bachelor. She's notable because, well, she has a nanny. Olympios also happens to be 24, which, according to some, is too old to have a nanny. Nevertheless, the romantic hopeful loves Racquel. And, because the internet loves us, Racquel now has her own Twitter account. (In fact, there are two Twitter accounts as of now — excited Bachelor fans are leaping to the occasion.) One account, @corinnesnanny, has already accrued over 7,000 followers. The bio reads: "Taking Care of Corinne 24/7. All her needs. Snacks. Drinks. Tweeting. It's Corinne's World. (I'm just her nanny living in it.)" The account actively supports Corinne in all her reality TV endeavors. It also shared, thankfully, the recipes for Corinne's two favorite foods: cucumber snacks and cheese pasta.
In last night's episode, Corinne, er, explored Bachelor Nick Viall in a bouncy castle. Who built that buoyant contraption? Why, Racquel, of course!
Praise be for creative Twitter users — may Corinne's nanny continue to tweet for the rest of the season.

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