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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Recap: “We’ll Never Have Problems Again”

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Rebecca Bunch is officially engaged to the man of her dreams. It's hard to believe it's only been a year (give or take) since Rebecca (Rachel Bloom) moved to West Covina after a nervous breakdown triggered by a butter commercial. And it's even harder to believe that in that time frame, Rebecca has managed to make Josh (Vincent Rodriguez III) fall in love with her. But this relationship is really happening — third time's a charm, right? — despite what skeptics might suggest about it. After all, the couple has already announced their relationship on Waze and MovieFone, so it just has to work out. We know from the episode's opening song, a disco-inspired number fittingly titled "We'll Never Have Problems Again," that things between Rebecca and Josh aren't as perfect as they seem. Heather (Vella Lovell) points out that they're posting a lot of photos on Instagram, suggesting they're trying to convince themselves the relationship is working. After all, both of them have a tendency to define themselves by their relationships, which has led to some pretty unhealthy decisions. But they're brushing that aside, because who doesn't want to soul train away their issues? Things come to a head, though, when Josh accompanies Rebecca to a family bar mitzvah. Rebecca is determined that Josh will be as miserable around her family as she is. But Josh gets along with pretty much everyone, so things don't exactly go according to plan. Even Rebecca's mother, Naomi (Tovah Feldshuh), takes a liking to Josh — he's much better at giving good parent than Rebecca is. At first, Rebecca isn't happy about the development. But it eventually helps her realize that even being with Josh, the man she followed across the country, won't fix the problems she originally had in her life. She's still struggling to get along with her mother. And Nathaniel (Scott Michael Foster) reminds her a bit too much of the workaholic lifestyle she sought to leave behind in New York. In a truly surprising breakthrough — inspired by a conversation with a rabbi played by the inimitable Patti LuPone — Rebecca admits as much to Dr. Akopian (Michael Hyatt). The therapist can hardly hide her excitement when Rebecca says she's ready to deal with her own issues. But, as is the nature of television, this breakthrough is short-lived. Just as Rebecca is about to make a step forward in addressing her mental health issues, Josh bursts through the door. (Why wasn't a receptionist there to stop him from interrupting a doctor's meeting with a patient?) He's got the legendary Garfinkel ring in tow, having recovered it from the pawn shop where Rebecca sold it. And much to Dr. Akopian's dismay, he uses the family heirloom to propose to Rebecca. Gasp! As far as Nathaniel goes, we still haven't seen enough about his character to make him not feel one-sided. The B plot of tonight's episode focused on Nathaniel making everyone work overtime on a potential case that, predictably, his father didn't entrust to the firm. Darryl (Pete Gardner), also predictably, tries repeatedly to prove himself to Nathaniel, admitting that his own father called him an "emasculated sock puppet." If next week's previews are any indication, it looks like there'll be some sexual tension between Nathaniel and Rebecca. She and Josh aren't perfect together by any stretch, but let's hope Nathaniel won't bring back the anxiety issues Rebecca so desperately tried to leave behind at her old New York job.

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