Rachel Bloom Perfectly Explains Why We Love Fictional Couples

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Rachel Bloom's hilarious musical brainchild series, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, just kicked off its second season, and Bloom's Rebecca Bunch is maybe, sorta, almost figuring out her love life.

As of episode 2
, Rachel is tied up between two guys (a far cry from where she started out in season 1), and fans of the show are pulling for each: Team Josh (Vincent Rodriguez III) versus Team Greg (Santino Fontana). The show's troubled love triangle has been a crucial plot line since the beginning. But off-screen, Bloom isn't taking sides. She's obviously Team Love and Team Following Your Heart (I mean, it's the premise of the whole show), but she thinks it's interesting that fans remain dedicated to Rachel's suitors, flawed as they are. While at EW's Popfest, Bloom explained, "It’s amusing to us that people want these characters to get together no matter how flawed they are, no matter how screwed up the circumstances are, that we just are so primed to root for couples." Bloom then totally nailed the reason why we all obsess over fictional couples. It's because deep down, we all know just how crazy real life can be. "It’s a nice reflection of what people do in real life, which is they look past real problems and real differences that are difficult to bridge and just think, ‘We love each other so, woo,’” she said. This type of blind allegiance to fictional couples also mirrors the Team Jess versus Team Dean debate over on Gilmore Girls. It has been a decade since we've seen either love interest interact with Rory Gilmore, but we're quick to pick up right where we left off. Fandom is a crazy thing — sometimes just as crazy as ex-girlfriend Rebecca Bunch.

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