This Strawberry Makes Us Feel Irrationally Uncomfortable

Strawberries are a nearly ideal fruit. When you find a good bunch, they're sweet and juicy, with a lovely fragrance, and beautiful bright red color. Do I have you craving strawberries now? Well, don't worry, I have a solution to your cravings, and that is to show you the weirdest strawberry ever and ruin your idea of these berries as the perfect fruit. Ready? While browsing Reddit recently, we came across this freaky photo of a strawberry from a user named AmoosingCows and were immediately and inexplicably made extremely uncomfortable by it. Above the image, the poster wrote, "This strawberry's seeds started sprouting while it was still on the plant." Look, if you dare.
According to one commenter, this is completely normal. PM-to-play-a-GAME wrote, "Calm down everyone. This is exactly what's supposed to happen if you sprout them, which is the first step if you want to plant them." It may be natural or necessary or whatever, but for some mystifying reason, my visceral reaction when looking at the photo is to release an involuntary audible shutter, as my muscles tense up and my nose crinkles in disgust. I can't control it or explain it, but it happens. And, it seems I'm far from the only one who feels this way. In addition to countless co-workers expressing their repulsion when the photo was shared with them, Redditors are also chiming in with revulsion in the comments section of the post. There are comments like, "Wish I could unsee this." I relate to that sentiment but know in my heart I will never be able to un-see it, which is why I'm sharing it with everyone. It's true what they say, misery loves company. Other comments seem to express things I didn't even realize I was feeling about this strange strawb, but once I read them, I found myself agreeing whole-heartedly. Like this one from outerspaceprincess: "I have the urge to shave it." To that, I respond with a resounding, "BLEH." Curse you, Reddit. I may never be able to eat strawberries again.

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