The Best Breaking Bad Character Is Back From The Dead

Photo: Ben Leuner/AMC
Wait, you didn't think the best TV resurrection in recent years happened on Game of Thrones, did you? Think again. And no, it wasn't Sherlock either. Because, folks, not even a pipe bomb to the face can keep your favorite fast-food-magnate-slash-drug-kingpin, Gus Fring, down. That's right, Breaking Bad fans: Better Call Saul is bringing Fring back. Vulture reports that AMC has confirmed Fring's impending resurrection on the spinoff series. We even have tweet proof from Fring himself — I mean, from Giancarlo Esposito himself. Today, the actor not-quite-cryptically tweeted "The rise of Gus is coming!" And it certainly appears so, as Fring seems alive and well and surprisingly full-faced in a new Pollos Hermanos commercial. The franchise is even serving curly fries now! Still, everybody knows the best way to smuggle meth is in chicken batter. The curly fries are just for, you know, snacking.

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