This Iconic Scent Now Comes In Dry Shampoo Form — & It’s Actually Amazing

If my life were to be made into a romance flick, I'd request dry shampoo be cast as my love interest. Our fairytale sounds a little something this: After meeting five years ago, this spray can quickly became more to me than just a beauty product. It's helped me through my bad mornings, important nights out, big interviews, you name it — and I've remained head-over-heels ever since. Except, just like modern-day love stories, it doesn't come without its issues. For starters, some of my favorite formulas spritz out a chalky white powder. And way too often, the stuff just smells too much like chemicals for me to spray with abandon. Then, the new Philosophy Amazing Grace Dry Shampoo came along. Call me dramatic (and you'd be right), but I didn't know a product meant to sop up oil and grease could make me feel so happy. Not only is this a huge launch for the skin and fragrance company — it's the first hair styling product from the brand — but it's also available in the best-selling scent, Amazing Grace. If you're unfamiliar, picture this: You're running through a field of white flowers wearing freshly-laundered cotton. That's what this crisp, clean, bergamot-meets-lily-of-the-valley blend smells like. Oh yeah, and the formula goes on completely clear — and I'm not shy with my sprays — and absorbs grease like a dream. When I tried it on my third-day hair, there wasn't a lick of oil left on my head. Though, by day four, that was a totally different story. (Perhaps a sign I should really get in the shower at that point.) You can't get your hands on the dry shampoo quite yet (it hits Philosophy retailers in February for $24), but it's worth the wait. What can I say? I once was lost, but now I'm found.

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