This Glitter Nail Trend Is the At-Home Mani You’ve Been Waiting For

If you're still shaking out the glitter left over from your New Year’s Eve hairstyle, we feel you. As fun and shiny the stuff is, it is extremely hard to get out. It sticks anywhere and everywhere, and by the end of night, it's easy to start regretting your life choices. Hair glitter in all its glory can get messy, yes, but when it's on your nails? Now that’s something we can get behind.

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As Marie Claire reported, glitter nails — a.k.a. “glitter tears” — are mesmerizing, and give us only the best kind of flashbacks to the shimmer nights of our past. Jewelry designer Marisa Seok debuted them on her Instagram, showing off some seriously manicured digits and midi rings that perfectly coordinate with her dripping nail glimmer.

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The only thing better than sparkly, multi-colored flecks on your fingertips is not having to sit in a salon chair for hours to get it done. This look is super easy to DIY and only requires a bottle of clear nail polish and as many glittery shades you can hold in both hands. Concentrate the color at the tip of the nail, then sweep one or two strokes of the glitter toward the middle. Seal with a top coat and you’re done. Best part: You'll never see a shred of evidence on your clothes the next morning.

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