These Were The Most Popular Groceries Ordered On Amazon Last Year?!

Photo: Courtesy of Amazon.
Amazon Prime has completely revolutionized grocery shopping. The company makes it possible for us to get all the food without ever having to get off our couches. In 2016, many people took full advantage of Amazon Prime's grocery selection and ordered plenty of food products from fresh fruits and vegetables to canned goods. The online retailer just released it's Best of 2016 list, which details the most popular items ordered from the site last year. The top most frequently ordered foods might surprise you or they could have you thinking — Of course, I ordered over 50 cases of that product too. From Amazon Fresh, the hottest purchase was bananas. The yellow fruit makes a wonderful on-the-go snack, so this being a popular purchase makes perfect sense. Another product on the list is Happy Belly Mixed Nuts. People were nuts about this Amazon exclusive brand in 2016 — pun intended and relished. To wash down these two foods, customers also ordered plenty of Nestle Pure Life Water from Prime Pantry. None of these items seem that outrageous, but I do think in 2017, we should resolve to order more brownie mix. Just one person's opinion.

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