These Ice Cream Cones With Animal Faces Will Thrill Your Inner Child

It may still be too cold outside for ice cream, but you won't want to eat Eiswelt Gelato anyway. You'll just want to stare at it. The new shop, located in Westminster, California, sells adorable cones with animal faces on top, Hello Giggles reports. The noses are made out of marshmallows, the ears are ice cream scoops, and the homemade ice cream uses fresh, organic Italian ingredients. It comes in quirky flavors like taro coconut and birthday cake, and the designs include a monkey, a teddy bear, and a pile of pigs.

Cuter in pairs ??#eisweltgelato

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The adorable cast of characters celebrated New Year's in style.
These are cuter than any snowman we'll ever make.

These snowmen will be available today and tomorrow only so stop by soon! ? #eisweltgelato

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They've even served ice cream emoji.

Free character gelato for the first 50 customers Friday October 28th at 7pm! #eisweltgelato

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The only downside? If one of these heads ever falls off its cone, Eiswelt Gelato
will become home to the saddest kid on the planet.

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