Mandy Moore Has Feelings About Toby’s Fate On This Is Us

Photo: Katie Jones/REX/Shutterstock.
When This Is Us's last episode left off, one of the show's most beloved characters, Kate's boyfriend Toby, was in critical condition. According to creator Dan Fogelman, we'll find out if he survived cardiac arrest at the very beginning of the Tuesday, January 10 episode. And we already have a feeling about it, thanks to a spoiler from Mandy Moore. At a Television Critics Association event, Us asked her about this plot line. She didn't go into specifics, but if we read between the lines, the prognosis doesn't look great. "This show is always gut-wrenching," she said. "Every episode, there’s going to be something gut-wrenching. They really know what they're doing! I can’t [say more] … You’ve waited this long." We really hope he lives, because Kate deserves to find happiness. But if their relationship doesn't make it, at least we can enjoy the one between Rebecca and Jack (who also — SPOILER ALERT — dies, but he does live on in the flashbacks). "We really lucked out and enjoy each other, and the chemistry was sort of there from the get-go," Moore said of herself and her co-star Milo Ventimiglia. Moore added that she was "mind-boggled" by the show's popularity, theorizing that "people wanted cathartic entertainment — they wanted something that resonated on an emotional level with them."

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