Here’s Proof That The Unicorn Trend Has Officially Gone Too Far

Photo: Courtesy of Dapper Coffee.
When we finally dragged ourselves across the 2016 finish line, we cheers-ed to a fresh start. Entering 2017, we were optimistic that we had left behind tired-out food trends like rainbow bagels and galaxy sweets. Unfortunately, there's one 2016 food fad we just can't seem to shake: unicorn anything. Well, it looks like we may have finally found the unicorn product that will definitively prove once and for all that this trend is O-V-E-R. (Admittedly, we still think these macarons are adorable.) The product is called Unicorn Tears. This sparkly drink comes from Dapper Coffee in Singapore, and according to Cosmopolitan, it tastes very sweet and has a hint of a lemon flavor. Its product description on the Dapper Coffee site says the drink contains no caffeine and no alcohol, which begs the question, "what is the point?" Seriously, I know what you're thinking, a drink that won't get me drunk or perk me up, and it's made by making the purest creature in the fantasy world cry? Sorry, not interested. Well don't worry, Dapper Coffee insists that "these are 100% tears of joy" from "Sparkles, our pure bred Mongolian Unicorn." But, even though no unicorns were harmed or insulted in the making of this product, we're still not exactly thrilled by the idea of paying $10 for a single bottle of edible blue glitter. Far from it, in fact. We're actually a little uncomfortable that this absurd product even exists.

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