This Adoptive Mom Has A Heartwarming Message About Her Son’s Birth Parents

It may be tricky to navigate the topic of birth parents if you are an adoptive parent, but new mom Jessica Cunha says that she won't be hiding her son's birth parents from him. Instead, she wants her son to know that he has different birth parents and, more importantly, she wants him to know that they still love him. In a message that Cunha shared with KTVU reporter Frank Somerville (who is noted for being open about his own experiences as an adoptive parent), she celebrated adopting her new son, saying it was "everything we expected and most importantly, wanted." "It might seem crazy but I yearned for the sleepless nights, 3 a.m. feedings and constant diaper changes," she wrote. "I would go to sleep and pray that we would be blessed with a baby the following day." Eight months later, Cunha wrote that she has "a healthy, happy and beautiful baby boy," who she says she will raise to feel loved — by both his adoptive and his birth parents. "We want Benjamin to always know that he wasn't a mistake or unwanted," she wrote. "He was handpicked just for us." "He will know how much his birth parents love him," she said. "And I say 'love,' not 'loved,' because it's not past tense. They love him so much that they made the most selfless decision of their lives and placed him in our arms and made us the happiest people in the world." Of course, handling the subject of a child's birth parents can vary from family to family, but Cunha's outlook and her vow to raise her child with as much love as possible is nothing short of heartwarming. Read her entire message, below.

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