These Groomsmen Dressed As McDonald’s Favorites — & We’re Loving It

Maybe it's just lunchtime, but we're loving this fast-food bridal party. Singaporean groom Chen Guanyou put on a Ronald McDonald costume — and got his groomsmen to dress as McDonald's French fries, an apple pie, a McFlurry, and other menu items — for his wedding day. It's part of a South Asian tradition practiced by many Chinese couples, in which the groom and his gang go through a series of challenges in order to "win" the bride, according to Mashable. Chen and co. marched to the house of the bride, Joanna Tan, in their DIY costumes. (We admire the craftiness.) Chen told Mashable that he's a McDonald's junkie and eats fast food weekly — but Joanna's far from it. "My wife hates fast food — she's very health-conscious," he said. "So if she wants to marry me, she has to accept this." It seems like Joanna had no problem accepting his junk-food obsession as long as she got to watch him make a total fool of himself. In the video below, Joanna and her bridesmaids — all dressed up in gowns — laugh at the groomsmen and put makeup on them as one of the challenges. "She knows there's no choice. And she knows I love making costumes, so it's part of me," Chen told Mashable. We bet these two will have a ton of fun on Halloween. Check out the costumes (along with the other ridiculous groomsmen challenges) in the video, which was made by Unique-Colours Creative Media:


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