Warning: This Video Tribute To President Obama Will Make You Cry

President Obama will say his final goodbye to the White House later this month, no one seems to want him to go. This was made clear in a new video featuring stars like Kerry Washington, Leonardo DiCaprio and Ellen DeGeneres thanking the president for all he has done.

The moving tribute doesn't just feature celebrities, but also regular Americans talking about their favorite Obama moments from the eight years he was in office. As you already may have guessed, you're going to need the tissues for this one.

The nearly six-minute video called "Yes We Can" features Kerry Washington talking about what his first inauguration meant to her.

“You felt those first three words of the Constitution, ‘We the people,’" Washington explained. "It was one of those first times in my life that I felt I was really part of that ‘We.’”

John Legend admitted that “I never cried before, from an election result." Gloria Steinem said it was the first time she felt "the White House belonged to everybody."

Leonardo DiCaprio said he was inspired when the president told the United Nations that "climate change was the most important issue facing not only this generation but all future generations."

Ellen DeGeneres, who was in tears in November when she was given the Medal Of Freedom, shared a moment that moved her, quite literally.

“Dancing with Barack at his birthday party!" she said. "He’s a good dancer. He should not get any flack for that.”

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