This Hospital Wedding Is All Kinds Of Cute

Photo: Getty Images.
We have an early contender for cutest wedding moments of 2017! Phil Nguyen knew he wanted to propose to his girlfriend Lilly in a unique way. And the birth of their son, Lucas — at 24 weeks, a preemie — gave him the opportunity to do just that, reported AOL's Inside Edition. Phil decided to ask little Lucas for some help. So just a few months after being born, still in the NICU at Texas Children's Hospital, Lucas played the starring role in his parents' proposal. When the couple went to visit him at the hospital, there he was, wearing all sorts of wedding-related flair — along with a speech bubble that read, "Will you marry my Papa?" Lilly said yes — we bet it's pretty hard to say no to your own baby — and two weeks later, the couple wed at the hospital's chapel so little Lucas could be included in the ceremony. The mother of four, who had struggled with her pregnancy, said she wouldn't have gotten married in any other way. We're sure that when he's a bit older, Lucas will love looking at the pictures of his parents' wedding. Please do yourself a favor and don't miss Lucas' adorable bowtie and "Little Dude" shirt — as well as the actual wedding — in the Inside Edition video on AOL's site.

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