These Secret Deodorant Spots Have Us Feeling All Sorts Of Inspired

Photographed by Brayden Olson.
It’s not every day that you feel genuinely inspired by commercials, and certainly not deodorant commercials. But these spots from Secret do exactly that. According to the The Huffington Post, these two spots are the newest additions to Secret’s “Stress Test” campaign. In both, the same two women prepare for a meeting, or possibly a job interview, with a male boss or coworker who it seems is likely to perhaps question their awesomeness, and maybe even undermine them because they’re women. (No idea where an idea like that would come from.) But these ladies aren’t having it. With the help, we’re to believe, of Secret deodorant, these women are fearless. In "Pitch," they cite web stats: Their site has 1.2 million visits! A 6.4% conversion! Who came up with the business plan? They did!
And in “Bear,” one of the women psychs the other up. “You are a bear,” she says. “You dominate, you’re brilliant, articulate.”
The spots have all the things a feminist could ask for. Ladies making team work happen. Check. Ladies coding. (How did you think their site got made?) Check again. If you’re looking for a commercial that will have you cheering along and watching on repeat, look no further. Secret’s got you.

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