These 9 Dishes Were Named After Celebs

Photo: Matt Baron/BEI/Shutterstock.
There's a reason why people use the words celebrity and tastemaker interchangeably. It's not just because so many celebs start new fashion trends. Nor is it because they're on the cutting edge of beauty. No, first and foremost, it's because they literally have amazing taste in food. Why else would so many chefs and restauranteurs look to the stars for dish inspiration?
Some get cooking tips or ingredient suggestions directly from celebrities, while others simply take the famous name. No matter the reason, stars have influenced the menus of hot spots in big cities, gourmet chains, and hometown favorites.
Ahead, you'll find a list of restaurant dishes from all over that have celebrity namesakes and the stories behind their creation. Now we have another goal on our quest to be like our fave stars — get a dish named in our honor!

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