This Beauty Trick Is So Weird, It Just Might Work

Remember when that crazy video of the cream that made eye bags disappear in minutes went viral? (In fact, we still see variations of it scrolling through Instagram.) Well, there's a new magic trick in town and it's just as strangely mesmerizing: neck tape. And we're not talking about your regular, old Scotch tape. No, Nexsey is a super-strength medical tape that promises to take years off your neck — with only a bit of tugging. It's non-invasive and you can do it in the privacy of your own home, so no one has to know your secret. But how does it work? Simply pinch the skin at the nape of your neck and place a piece of tape across it. Voilà! Do keep in mind, though, that the medical tape is visible, so updos are out of the question. And normal turning of the head from left to right is probably pretty taxing, too. But it's sure cheaper and less scary than the other measures out there, so if you feel like taking a page from Lady Gaga's face-taping playbook, by all means, pass the adhesive. Check out the video below to see Nexsey in action. (And if you need any more convincing that the pinch-and-tug method works, may we remind you of My Big Fat Greek Wedding? Enough said.)

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