Girl Scouts’ Newest Cookies Highlight Forgotten History

Photo: Courtesy of Girl Scouts
The first sale of Girl Scout Cookies took place in Muskogee, Oklahoma, in 1917. The Mistletoe Troop sold home-baked cookies as a service project five years after Juliette Gordon Low founded the national organization. Now, 100 years later, we're getting a cookie that references another early piece of Girl Scouts history. The s'mores cookie is the newest flavor added to the Scouts' considerable repertoire. PopSugar notes that the Girl Scouts invented s'mores in 1927, so the cookie has a historic root. The cookie will come in two varieties: one chocolate covered and another in a cookie sandwich format. Clearly, the chocolate-covered variety is superior. We don't need to try the cookies to know this is true. It's like when pizza places put the pepperoni under the cheese and you wonder why all pizza places don't do that. (Run by villains, probably.) The cookies will go on-sale along with the rest of the cookie slate early this year, so get on top of that by locating Girl Scout vendors here.

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