Before Unicorn Bath Bombs, This Was The Most Coveted Tub Item

The humble bar soap has flown under the radar for years. Some toss the shower companion to the side; while some still can't live without it. But one thing is for sure: it'll always be considered a staple — even as we fill our tubs with rainbow bath bombs, foaming body washes, and high-tech cleansing devices.

But did you know that before all those fancy shower buys, a bar of soap — specifically the iconic white Dove Beauty Bar — was considered a luxury? (If they had Instagram back then, you can bet it would have gotten all the likes.) And whether you realize it or not, it has shaped the way we suds up today.

So, in honor of its anniversary, we've rounded up four things you might not know about this cult-classic bar. There are hilarious vintage ads and unorthodox uses you've probably never heard of before. (Um, brows?) Click through, then lather up!

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