There Are Now Champagne Chocolates, So 2017 Is Already Amazing

Vowed to stay away from sweets in the new year? Then please, look away. For the rest of you, we've got excellent news. For those who've adopted a treat yo self mantra — all year long — then look no more. Russell Stover has exactly what you need. The confectioner set off 2017 combining our two favorite indulgences: chocolate and Champagne.
That's right you can now buy glorious little bits of milk chocolate filled with bubbly-flavored goo. The treats are available at Target for roughly $4.99 according to this adorable review. They're in the seasonal aisle, with the Valentine's Day candy, so expect this to be a limited time item. That said, it's the perfect little snack to cure a sweet tooth while binging on The OA. Stock up before they sell out!

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