Watch Mariah Carey Hilariously Prank Her Tour Assistant

Photo: Theo Wargo/E! Entertainment
For all the talk about Mariah Carey being a diva, her new reality show has revealed that the girl actually knows how to have a good time. In a preview for the next episode of Mariah’s World, the singer flexes her acting skills to prank call her hopelessly clueless tour assistant, Molly. After talking to her team about whether or not Molly can be trusted to obtain some chicken fingers and mozzarella sticks for dinner, Carey comes up with a sinister plan. She calls a naïve Molly and pretends to be "Aunt Pamela." Under her characteristically amazing lighting, Carey lays on a thick New York accent and grills Molly about the food order, her outfit, and her location. Molly is sent into a panic, which is pretty typical, while Carey and her team barely contain their laughter. If this singing thing starts to go downhill for Mimi, she should definitely figure out a way to put that exaggerated New York accent to use. It’s pretty impressive. Check out the clip, below.

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