Mariah’s World Episode 2 Recap: The Workers

Photo: Theo Wargo/E! Entertainment
After two episodes of Mariah’s World, it’s obvious that Mariah Carey isn’t going to be the source of all the drama on her reality show. Two of her most valuable employees, her backup singer Marry Ann and Creative Director, Anthony, are beefing and they want Mariah, who is essentially their manager, to intervene. Anthony doesn’t want to share a tour bus with Marry Ann’s young son and she takes it extremely personal. Meanwhile, Mariah's manager, Stella, is asking for everyone to be more professional and to look toward their common goal which is support MC. Then we have Mariah, who is always well lit and angel-like as she spends time with her twins between shows and rehearsals. This lighting thing seemed absurd at first but now I get it, why be mortal when you can look like you live through an amazing snapchat filter all the time? Her personal lighting guy is the real MVP of this show. Molly, the new tour assistant, is painfully unqualified to do her job and as sad as it is, it’s hilarious to watch. Last week, Molly was reduced to tears because of an Apple TV, this week she’s sent on an unnecessary expedition to retrieve a super fan from the audience. Molly’s already drowning and she probably hasn't even received her first check yet. She is struggling to keep up with her duties and has yet to have a single conversation with Mariah herself. Stella is going to fire her so fast. Perhaps the most intriguing part of the show, an angle I never saw myself taking interest in, is that I get to imagine what it’s like to actually work for an international superstar on tour. Everything from your sleeping arrangements to your meals are suddenly your boss’s business. There isn’t much room to make mistakes and bringing concerns to Mariah directly just slows everyone down because her time is always booked. Mariah’s World is more like a twisted episode of Undercover Boss than it is Keeping Up with The Kardashians. Her employees have to manage their entire lives on the clock, making decisions for the sake of someone else at all times. No wonder everyone is drinking all the time. At least there's that. All I can do is hope that everyone is getting paid generous wages.

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