Chef At A 3-Star Restaurant Is Serving Food On iPads

Photo: Melina Mara/The Washington Post/Getty Images
Restaurants are always striving to keep things fresh and current, but usually we assume that's in the kitchen. Instead, the restaurant Quince in San Francisco is thinking outside of the box — the iPad box. A dish at the famous three-Michelin-starred joint is served hot and ready on fully functioning iPads.

This idea comes from chef Michael Tusk and allows customers to eat food in a way they certainly never have before (at least not on purpose). Ramen chef Richie Nakano tweeted a photo of the masterpiece, and it's the weirdest thing.
Does the food ruin the iPad? Do you get to keep the iPad after you eat? Can you use the iPad for other things? Can you ask Siri all these questions while you eat?

According to the photo, the dish is called "A Dog In Search Of Gold" and consists of white truffle croquettes on top of an iPad plate that's playing a video of water dogs on the hunt for truffles. It's half meal, half art installation.

Actually, it's a part of a $220 prix fixe menu, according to Grubstreet. Other food includes lasagna, lobster, and venison, each probably (not) served on an Apple Watch, iPhone 7, and MacBook Pro, respectively.

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