This 4-Year-Old Drove His Toy Car Almost 2 Miles To Get McDonald’s

Photo: Courtesy of McDonalds.
We always knew kids liked McDonald's, but recently they've been taking their obsession with Happy Meals to a whole new level. First, we saw a 7-year-old who actually got a job at McDonald's to try and make money to buy Christmas gifts. If that weren't mind-boggling and adorable enough, there's another kid who took his love for the chain even further. A 4-year-old in Taiwan woke up early on a recent morning, craving McDonald's. We've all been there. Unfortunately, his parents were still asleep. He wasn't about to wait around, because that's just not how cravings work. So he took matters into his own hands and grabbed his toy BMW. Riding in serious style, the boy made it almost two miles before being pulled over by the cops. He wasn't speeding, but according to ZM Online, the police were called because the toddler was driving down a busy street. That must have been a sight. This story has the potential to be pretty scary, but it has a happy ending. ZM Online reported that when the 4-year-old's parents woke up, they noticed that both the boy and the toy car were gone. Frantic, they headed straight to the police department, where they found their son, unharmed. Hopefully, they took him to McDonald's after all that.

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