This Monopoly Hotline Will Save You From A Major Family Crisis This Holiday Season

Photo: Courtesy of Hasbro.
Going home for the holidays is the perfect opportunity to catch up on quality time with the family. Of course, quality time means different things to everyone, so you might spend the next week watching Christmas movies together, taking turns cooking delicious meals for one another, or perhaps even screaming at each other and throwing the Monopoly board against the wall. Please, don't act like your family hasn't done it. According to a recent survey, 51 percent of Monopoly games end in a fight. Seeing as board games tend to come out when families are gathered together, this is important information for us to have this time of year. But just knowing that a fight is a likely outcome of playing Monopoly isn't enough. What do we do to settle game disputes once they occur? This year, there's a hotline that's here to help. This morning, the Today show reported that the makers of Monopoly have set up a Christmas hotline in the U.K. that you can call to help settle any disagreements that may arise throughout the course of your game. If you need someone to weigh in on issues like fake rules, poor sportsmanship, or stealing fake money, just dial the hotline and you'll be connected with an "unbiased, trained expert." Though it's unclear what kind of training these mediators go through, it's always good to get a perspective from an outsider. It may not prevent hurt feelings during every game, but it could very well salvage your family time and save you from getting into any physical altercations with your loved ones.