This Hair Care Line Is Making Greek Yogurt Cool Again

If getting healthy is on your resolutions agenda, we're willing to bet that you'll be reaching for a cup of Greek yogurt for breakfast come January. And for good reason: The superfood is packed with protein, calcium, potassium, and vitamins — so you get loads of nutrients in just one sitting. But, let's be real here, it's not like eating the stuff is anything to write home about. That is, until you add a little honey, a few seasonal fruits, some grains...
That's why those two-in-one cups with half-yogurt, half-something-else became an instant grocery store hit: They made eating the stuff a lot more fun. And this is exactly what hair-care brand Hask set out to achieve with its latest Greek Yogurt collection of shampoos, conditioners, and masks. The line, which launches exclusively at Walgreens on January 2, delivers the same benefits we love about the breakfast staple, but with a twist. Inside each bottle is the coolest dual-chamber dispensing system that holds both Greek yogurt and good-for-you fruit extracts separately — and it's a lot more fun to use than it sounds.
The chamber system was developed with the two-in-one yogurt cups in mind, and has yet to be done with in-shower products, says Mana Kinoshita, who handles product development for the brand. "Even the deep conditioning packets have a membrane that, when you tear it, dispenses two formulas. It makes for a truly sensorial experience."
Even better, the shampoos smell just as delicious as the real stuff tastes. Though you can choose a formula based on your hair concern — Blueberry & Acai is meant to repair damage; Fig & Honey helps hydrate, and Pomegranate & Cranberry is for color-treated hair — we'd argue that the scents alone are enough to sway your decision. (Our personal favorite is Blueberry & Acai, which really, truly smells like a handful of berries.)
Plus, nothing in the collection will set you back more than $10. Check out the entire range in the slides ahead, then get ready to grab another kind of yogurt goodie in the mornings. After all, healthy living doesn't just happen inside your kitchen.

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