Does Nutella Hair Dye Actually Work? We Tried It

Update: Earlier this year, a weird thing happened: People on the Internet started dyeing their hair with Nutella. (Sounds like a waste of hazelnut chocolate to us, but whatever.) Curious to know if it really worked, we set out to test it ourselves. Check out the results — and our honest opinion of the process — in the video below.
This story was originally posted December 18, 2016.
Nutella not only makes for a delicious snack, it now also makes for delicious hair dye.
According to Yahoo, the Abed & Samer salon in the United Arab Emirates is mixing Nutella with condensed milk to create a chocolatey-brown hair coloring.
On Instagram, beauty blogger Huda Kattan posted a video of a woman's blonde hair being dyed brown using the concoction. Honestly, if you didn't know any better, you may mistake this clip for a cooking tutorial.
The stylist actually scoops the Nutella right out of the jar and onto her hair. He then drizzles the condensed milk on top. When it's all done, it comes out a shade of light cocoa.
In another clip from the salon, a woman's blonde hair is turned into a shade of caramel.
But not everyone's ready to drink the Kool-Aid on Nutella hair dye just yet. As Stylecaster noted, other food, including Kool-Aid, can be used to dye hair, too — but it's temporary, not permanent.
So how long does the hazelnut spread dye actually last? In an interview with, stylist Abed says, "It depends on the hair."
"If you want a light caramel color, it can last around two or three weeks," he said, "but if you want it darker and are willing to leave the chocolate on longer, it will last longer."
Abed also explained that Nutella doesn't just dye your hair, but conditions it and "makes it more shiny." Yummier, too, we imagine.

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