Michael Phelps' Wedding Video Is Weirdly Intense But Beautiful

Photo: Gary Gershoff/Getty Images.
We need to talk about Michael Phelps' wedding video. Phelps and longtime partner Nicole Johnson had a wedding ceremony in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, in late October. Finally, Brides.com has given us an inside look at the Olympian's nuptials.

The website published photographs taken by John Boone Photography, and they're stunning. The couple looks happy, and the wedding looks like an elegant affair from ceremony to reception. The site also posted the couple's wedding video, which was shot by Taylor Chien, and I have to say, it's pretty intense.

In my experience, a wedding video features different shots of the couple getting ready to say "I do" and follows them through the fun of the day while a cheesy love ballad — most of the time from the country genre — plays in the background. This video does include a variety of shots of Michael and Nicole, but they're anything but ordinary. First of all, the entire thing is in slow motion, so every movement from either one of them is exaggerated. Also, instead of a soft love song, the video is set to EDM. Honestly, "weird" may be the only word to describe seeing Phelps strutting in slow motion wearing aviators while the bass drops.

Perhaps the videographer was looking to reflect the intensity of this couple's love for each other or their tumultuous journey. If you look at it that way, maybe it's actually really beautiful and fitting. Still, it's strange to watch that wedding video then immediately flip to a very sweet photo of Michael and Nicole holding their son, Boomer. The juxtaposition is just a tad jarring. Take a look for yourself, below.

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