The Santa Clause‘s Charlie Looks All Grown Up & Dreamy Now

It's been 22 years since The Santa Clause came out, which means Eric Lloyd, AKA Charlie Calvin, is no longer eight. He's now a 30-year-old heartthrob, Elite Daily discovered. While perhaps best known for the Santa Clause movies, he's had a number of acting roles since — and even before. He played the youngest version of Kevin Arnold in The Wonder Years between ages two and five, starred in NBC's Jesse from 1998-2000, and has appeared in a number of movies including Batman & Robin. His most recent acting credit is The Onyx of Wall Street, which comes out in 2018. He's also been busy running a production studio and singing and playing guitar in a band called Radiomason.

#radiomason at Darwin's Pub in Austin TX. Photo by Steven Gabriel @thelonelyhunterrr

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Lloyd told ABC last year that despite the amount of time that has elapsed, people still recognize his face from the Santa Clause movies. "People will say, 'Did I go to high school with you, or something?' and I'll say, 'I don’t know, maybe!'" he said. "It's one of those films that, when anyone that does recognize me, it's because they really enjoyed the film. It's those people that watch it every year and are true fans of it." But before you get excited, though, he's married. His very lucky wife is named Lisa Marie Tasker. Sigh.

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