The Newest Twinkies Flavor Has Us Questioning Humanity

Photo: Courtesy of Hostess.
I have never in my life tasted a Twinkie. That may be partly because I'm from Tennessee, which is strict Little Debbie territory — they're produced in my hometown — but it's probably also because those pre-packaged tubular pastries are pretty weird. Somehow Hostess found a way to make the cream-filled Twinkie even stranger with the introduction of a new flavor. According to Brand Eating, Deep Fried Banana Twinkies recently hit freezer aisles "just in time for the holidays." Because nothing says "Merry Christmas" like a hot, banana-flavored sponge?

The miniature banana cream-filled cakes come covered in a graham cracker breading, which seem to give them a nice crunch. As with the original deep fried Twinkie flavor, which was introduced in August, the banana upgrade comes in frozen form and is meant to be enjoyed after warming up a bit in the oven.

As unusual as this snack sounds, you have to give Hostess some credit for being creative. I'm almost tempted to make my first foray into Twinkie territory simply to say I've tasted one of the most questionable snack cakes out there. Would you try it?

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