These Are The Subscriptions People Think Are Actually Worth It

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This time of year, you're no doubt thinking about the right gifts for everyone on your list. A great option is a subscription to something, because it truly is a gift that keeps on giving throughout the year. These days, you can get a subscription to more than just a magazine, although that's still a good choice. You can find subscriptions to SO many different services, but how exactly do you know if those investments are worth it? How about asking Reddit? Yesterday, a user named wall_hax posted "What subscription is actually worth it?" on the Ask Reddit subreddit. Plenty of people threw in their two cents about which subscriptions to spend your money on and which you can just go ahead and skip. Many users suggested entertainment streaming services like Netflix, HBO Now, and Hulu for television and movies, and Spotify for music. Commenters seemed to agree that Spotify is a great investment for people who are serious about music, because it allows you to easily find new artists. According to Brettholomeul, "I swear, Spotify's Discover Weekly knows me better than I do." Shopping subscriptions were also popular among redditors. Costco and Amazon Prime were the two in this category most unanimously agreed to be worth the investment. Deathstroke317 wrote, "Amazon Prime pays for itself after like five 2-day shippings. Never mind the streaming movies and music and storage you get." Another subscription discussed on the subreddit was AAA, with many people pointing out that this isn't just for car troubles. "Don't forget about the discounts you can get on hotel rooms and other things just for being a member," wrote chevymonza. Good tip. Despite all the advances we've made in the arena of subscriptions, some people still seem to be big believers in classic memberships, like those to the local library and community-supported agriculture. About farm CSA programs, lasteclipse commented, "It's basically a subscription service for fresh fruits, veggies, sometimes even flowers that are handpicked during the week. You get great, reasonably priced produce from a local farm that you choose to support." When posting about whether or not local library memberships were worth it, everyone was quick to point out that most libraries are free and come with access to way more than just books. So it really seems like, out of all of these, a library card makes the most financial sense. Although, I don't think a free membership to the library would be the best gift. Just saying.

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