Everyone Is Freaking Out Over This McDonald’s Holiday Cup

One thing I know for sure is that people are very good at turning holiday coffee cups into a hullabaloo. For years, Starbucks' cups have been at the center of all the controversies, but this year, McDonald's is getting a piece of the action. The fast food chain recently released a special wintery-themed coffee cup, which when first viewed looks relatively cute and certainly harmless. It features two white mittens joined together with the words, "Warmest Greetings" scrolled in the middle. The rest of the cup is equally festive, with snowflakes, hearts, and stars scattered on the red background. Sounds sweet, right? Well, someone found a way to ruin it with a few strokes of a pen. Well-placed squiggles on the area of the mittens where the thumbs meet the palms transform the scene into an NSFW cup. With the minor additions, the mittens resemble a butt. Take a look:
BuzzFeed News looked into the matter and reported that the original illustrator has yet to be identified, but we know that the image started spreading (eek, sorry) yesterday after it was posted on Rebrn and Reddit. Recently, a number of publications have been reporting on McDonald's attempt to remake the McCafe brand to resemble other popular coffee chains — like Starbucks. McDonald's having its very own holiday cup controversy is certainly one way to do that.

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