Jennifer Aniston Picks Nick Viall’s Final 4 On The Bachelor

Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty
Jennifer Aniston is a huge fan of The Bachelor. This is surprising to me because America has basically been trying to sign her up to be The Bachelorette since her divorce with Brad Pitt. You’d think Aniston would stay far away from public dating spectacles. Nope, she's just like the rest of us. The A-list actress is hooked on the completely fake saga of one man and a couple dozen women just trying to find their happily ever after on national television. It’s actually something she has in common with Jimmy Kimmel. When she appeared on his show last night she was surprised to learn that Nick Viall is going to have to choose between a whopping 30 ladies on his upcoming season of The Bachelor. But Aniston may have just threw Viall a huge bone. Kimmel put all of the contestants up on the screen so Aniston could get “a closer look” and she picked out her predictions for Viall’s final four. So which quartet of would-be reality stars just got the cosign of a lifetime? The 24-year-old business owner Corrine from Miami was drafted first. Although Aniston thinks Corrine is “too young” to get married, she thought her blonde hair stood out. Translation: her look works well for TV. A doula came in second place, 29-year-old Elizabeth who “wears a good wedge.” Aniston seemed most excited about her third pick: 31-year-old Rachel who is an attorney with really toned arms. The other 31-year-old, neonatal nurse Danielle got lucky and made the cut because Aniston was running out of time. We’ll have to wait a few months to see if things work out like Aniston predicts. But this is some March Madness I would sign up for.

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