KUWTK Filming Scenes To Address Kanye West’s Hospitalization

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One of the many things that KUWTK fans have wondered about in the wake of Kim Kardashian's robbery in Paris and her husband Kanye West's hospitalization last month, is how the reality show will handle discussing the issues going forward. And new reports suggest that we may have an answer, at least on the Kanye front. Entertainment Tonight is reporting that a source close to the family revealed "a few members of the Kardashian family have filmed scenes discussing the 39-year-old rapper's recent hospitalization for the next season for KUWTK," but adds that West himself has not been filmed since he was admitted to the hospital on November 21. More information about what has been filmed regarding West's condition is unknown, and the source adds, "it's unclear whether or not the footage will make it past edits. Kanye's wife, Kim Kardashian West, is executive producer of the hit E! show, so presumably, she'll also be able to control final edits and what makes it on air." This bit of information hopefully means that West is doing much better in the aftermath of his hospitalization and that the family is looking to open up about what has gone on. However, it's also worth nothing that West himself is rarely on camera, so it shouldn't be too surprising if he chooses not to discuss the situation himself. Another important point is whether or not this means the show will address Kardashian's attack in Paris, a topic that has seemingly not been confirmed. Neither Kardashian nor West have publicly addressed the robbery or hospitalization, but we do know that filming for the reality show has continued in the wake of both events. It's entirely possible that Kardashian herself will not address either situation, instead allowing other members of her family to give updates, but the fate of the show is still in limbo, even with the resumed filming. Production temporarily halted after Kim was robbed and again when Kanye was hospitalized, but for now, the show will go on. Season 13 is expected to air sometime in 2017.

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