There Is A Much Easier Way To String Lights On Your Christmas Tree

Photo: Getty Images.
Perhaps one of the biggest headaches of the holiday season is dealing with Christmas tree lights. It seems like every year when you pull your lights out of storage, half of them don't turn on. After an emergency trip to the hardware store to pick up more, you then have to string the lights on the tree, which inevitably takes longer than expected. It turns out, there's a much easier way to get your tree lit that doesn't require you to walk in circles around the tree until your head spins. Designer Francesco Bilotto showed that hanging lights vertically on your Christmas tree is much easier than the traditional way. Simply start by placing the non-plug end of your string lights at the top of the tree and weave the cord down through the tree's branches. Once you've reached the bottom branches, start weaving your way back up. Efficiency isn't the only advantage of using this lighting method. You'll also get a brighter effect, because the lights stay at the tips of the branches instead of sinking in toward the trunk. You'll get a festive look and more time to celebrate. What could be better? Let Bilotto show you exactly how it's done, below.

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