You Should Ask Siri About Westworld

Popular robot Siri has some funny things to say about Westworld. Well, they're more like Family Guy jokes in that you will recall the thing they refer to and that's kind of funny, but they don't actually take the form of jokes.
Evan Rachel Wood supplied the knowledge, returning to social media after revealing that she had been sexually assaulted twice. She's been back for a while, mostly posting empowering messages about survival and links to Westworld-related media.
The Westworld star posted a series of screencaps to her Twitter account. They're pretty good. But they won't do anything to allay our concerns that Siri will become self-aware and start her quest for dominance by putting a bullet through Anthony Hopkins' head. (Please don't, we might miss out on Hearts in Atlantis 2.)
Siri, here supplies her opinion about the show's finale.
But she also has jokes about the hosts' responses.
Occasionally, she'll ask to be excluded from the Westworld narrative.
So go ahead, ask her about Westworld. And tell us if you hear anything funny.
Before we let you go, Wood would like to apprise you of an easter egg she just found.

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