KFC Made A Candle So Your Entire House Can Smell Like Fried Chicken All The Time

Opening your front door and being greeted by the scent of fried chicken sounds like a great way to come home. But I personally think the reason that sounds so appealing is because the scent promises that actual fried chicken is waiting in your kitchen to be enjoyed. If I came home to that wonderful, intoxicating smell, and there was no chicken to be eaten, I'd probably just be left angry and hungry. If you don't share my feelings, though, you're in luck, because KFC New Zealand just released a fried chicken-scented candle.
These candles were part of a social media giveaway in New Zealand. The chicken chain asked Instagram users to comment their best ideas for other KFC merchandise. It seems like it would be pretty hard to come up with anything that would beat the KFC sunscreen and nail polish that already exists, but people still tried. Some of the weirdest suggestions were KFC-flavored butter, fried chicken toothpaste, and wicked wings condoms. It's unclear which of the commenters actually ended up winning the candle giveaway, but it does seem like all of them would welcome the reward. By the looks of their ideas, these people are really committed to living a KFC lifestyle.

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