This Guy Is A Hero To Anyone Who’s Lost Sleep Because Of A Cat

It's a truth as old as time: Cats DGAF. They break your stuff, attack your young, and, as Nicholas Tecosky discovered with his own cat, Italics, they will wake you up with incessant meowing as early as they see fit. Tecosky knew he needed to take a stand against this kind of treatment (since he already knew he couldn't sleep through it), so he decided to give Italics a taste of his own medicine. In the video above, he wakes the cat up with the loudest, longest "meow" we've ever heard. Tecosky then asks Italics, "Were you sleeping?" After getting no response, he asks again. Italics stands his ground. Then, Tecosky drives his point home: "Don't meow in the middle of the night." Research has found that, contrary to popular belief, cats can be trained — usually with the help of positive reinforcement. But, it's pretty clear that Tecosky sought only vengeance (and not a learning moment) with his stunt. A follow-up video, taken later that same day, shows just how affected Italics really was. (Spoiler: Not very.)
And, if Italics' lack of reaction weren't proof enough, it became all too clear the next morning that he didn't learn his lesson (see video below). We feel for Tecosky and understand how all this meowing is wreaking havoc on his sleep schedule. But, fortunately for the rest of us, it's actually pretty good for your mental health to watch a few cat videos from time to time.

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