This Starbucks’ Latte Is Everything — & We’ll Never Get To Try It

The holidays are supposed to be all about cookies, cheesy casseroles, hearty family dinners, and presents. But to the coffee-obsessed, November and December are really all about seasonal lattes. Somehow without fail, the coffee masterminds at Starbucks are able to nail exactly what hot, sweet, and festive flavors we crave during these cold, cold times. And so, when we caught wind of the brand new Hot Baked Apple Pie Latte and Frappuccino, our hearts ignited with sheer seasonal joy.

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According to, this creation incorporates apple sauce, brown sugar, butter, and real crushed apple bits to its brew. All of which sound pretty on par with the real ingredients that might go into a homemade apple pie.
And just as we readied ourselves to put that homemade apple pie taste to the test, we realized, with horror and sadness, that this new beverage is only available in Japan. So unless you live in Japan, or are jetting there for the holidays, the Apple Pie Latte and Frappuccino will not be warming your winter season. For now, we'll just have to softly sob and take Starbucks Japan's blog by its word, that sipping one of these glorious new blends tastes just like "eating a hot apple pie."

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