All The Shows Coming To Netflix In 2017

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix
For many, a new year means taking time to reflect on the past year, celebrate accomplishments and memorable events, evaluate and figure out where there is room for improvement, and set new goals to crush.
And then there are those of us who find all the New Year’s hoopla to be redundant, overrated, and unnecessary. We’re the naysayers who say question why people feel so compelled to wait until January first to try something new or set a goal. We curse the “fakers” at the gym and the sudden wave of positivity.
We know we’ll be up to the same old tricks: going to work, coming home, and Netflix & chillin'. Luckily we can help with that. Here is a list of all the shows coming and returning to the streaming platform. Here’s a goal: Try to watch all of them.
*An exact release date has not been confirmed. Netflix is typically consistent with releasing original content around the same time each year, in some cases we have included a release month consistent with previous seasons.

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