This Scream Queens Couple Is Dating IRL & It’s Perfect

Photo Credit: Charley Gallay / Stringer.
Keke Palmer's character on Scream Queens, Zayday Williams, is constantly sneaking around, gathering clues, and attempting to reveal the true identity of this season's serial killer, The Green Meanie. In the show, she has come pretty close to solving the mystery, but this off-screen sleuthing is absolutely her best work yet. This weekend, the actress confirmed that two of her Scream Queens costars who are dating on the show are also dating in real life. That's right: Billie Lourd, who plays Chanel No. 3, and Taylor Lautner, who plays Dr. Cassidy Cascade, are a couple. Palmer outed the pair to fans on her Snapchat, sharing a steamy picture of the two making out in the middle of a bar. She captioned the picture, seen here on E!, "omg omg omg OMG," embodying my thoughts exactly. The two have been posting suspiciously couple-y pictures for a few months now, so this doesn't come as too much of a surprise.

✨??✨#slidinintoyourDMslike #lunchwithlourdandlautner #lourdandtaylor

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We're gonna print out a bunch of these and put them in all the frames at Target. Bet you no one notices. #breederscup

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#slidinintoyourdmslike #lourdandtaylor

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Wonder what we do between takes? Yup. @praisethelourd

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I guess not only bad things come from Dean Munsch's morally depraved CURE Institute.

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