Luke Bryan Straight-Up Punched A Fan In The Face

Photo: Debby Wong/Variety/REX/Shutterstock
Just last month, Justin Bieber punched a fan in the face who invaded his personal space, and now country singer Luke Bryan has done the same — except it was at a concert in front of thousands of people. Bryan was performing his song "Move" at the Volunteer Jam music festival in Nashville on Wednesday night, when he saw a man in the front row throw up his middle finger. Bryan then took a swing at the unnamed fan, and the move was captured on video by a fellow concertgoer. According to Entertainment Tonight, "immediately after the incident, security descended on the heckler and removed him from the venue," and the concert proceeded without incident. Bryan has not personally addressed the incident, but his spokesperson told ET: "A man in [the] front row was making crude hand gestures toward Luke during his performance. It was insulting not only to him, but more importantly to the men, women, and families sitting around him who were there to support and celebrate Charlie Daniels and the efforts of raising money for the military veterans — some of [whom] were in the audience. The concert security personnel saw the man's disruptive actions of the event and he was escorted out." It should go without saying that heckling is not cool, but physically assaulting a heckler is the absolute worst thing the musician could have done. He could have handled the matter in many other ways, like alerting a security member to have the man removed, or even simply calling him out on his behavior...but violence is not the answer, and Bryan should know better. As for Bryan's argument that the man's "crude hand gestures" were offensive to the families around him? A middle finger was offensive, but a physical attack wasn't? Bryan has a responsibility to his fans to address what happened, and also not to do it again. Check out the video, below.

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