Heather Takes Center Stage In This Exclusive Clip From Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

One of the best things about Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is that it doesn't give all the best scenes to its lead character. Yes, the show is ostensibly about Rebecca's (Rachel Bloom) feelings for Josh (Vincent Rodriguez III). But in some episodes, Rebecca doesn't even have a solo song. And each of the supporting players has a purpose outside of advancing Rebecca's character development. That's why it's so exciting that Heather (Vella Lovell) has a song in this week's episode. We've seen her sing before, in the second reprise of "Settle for Me" — when she sings "Don't Settle for Me" to Greg (Santino Fontana). But Heather hasn't really shown off her voice on the show yet. And she's not singing about any of the show's leading men, either. In fact, judging by the title — "Who Needs Josh When You Have a Girl Group?" — it looks like this week's episode will focus on female friendships. We know from this exclusive promo that we can expect a Spice Girls-style girls' night featuring the show's female stars. Now that Rebecca is friends with Valencia (Gabrielle Ruiz), she's spending more time with her (even with no Josh in sight). But when Rebecca invites Paula (Donna Lynne Champlin) to hang out with her, Valencia, and Heather, things don't go according to plan. Specifically, Paula gets stuck in the bathroom — the topic of Heather's song. Paula and Rebecca's friendship is one of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend's strongest ties. But we're consistently reminded of their age difference — at times, Paula sees Rebecca as a daughter figure, rather than as a peer. It looks like Rebecca might have a moment of realization about their differences in this week's episode — Paula is clearly uncomfortable hanging out with a group of people who are so much younger than she is. We haven't seen much interaction between Paula, Valencia, and Heather yet, so the episode should definitely be interesting. And who can say no to a Spice Girls-inspired track?

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