Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Recap: Triceratops

Photo: Robert Voets/The CW.
It looks like Rebecca (Rachel Bloom) and Valencia (Gabrielle Ruiz) might actually become friends. So far in the second season of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, we've seen Greg (Santino Fontana) leave West Covina, CA, to attend business school at Emory. We also saw Josh (Vincent Rodriguez III) leave Rebecca after a pregnancy scare. Valencia was out of the picture — until the end of last week's episode, when Rebecca and Heather (Vella Lovell) saw her buying doughnuts. The horror! Rebecca is eager to find anyone to talk to about Josh — Paula (Donna Lynne Champlin) is starting law school and Heather makes Rebecca pay her a dollar every time she mentions Josh. That makes Valencia the next-best option. Rebecca assumes that because Valencia is eating carbs, she must be sad about losing Josh, so she tries to make friends with Valencia so they can commiserate together. It takes two trips to Valencia's house — which may or may not qualify as stalking — but Rebecca eventually convinces Valencia to go to Dairy Queen with her. But they're not actually going to DQ; they're headed to a Burning Man-type event called Electric Mesa, which promises that attendees will "connect, refresh, [and] heal." Rebecca learned about the festival from Darryl (Pete Gardner), as he's going with White Josh (David Hull), who's apparently a regular at the Electric Mesa. Things are off to a rough start for Rebecca and Valencia, until they accidentally take a drug called triceratops, thinking they're just getting water at a bar. The drugs send each of them into a ballet-inspired hallucinogenic state. Rebecca realizes she's angry at Josh, while Valencia realizes she's sad about how Josh treated her. As soon as Valencia tells Rebecca that she never wants to see Josh again, he shows up at the festival. It turns out that they're experiencing technical difficulties, making Electric Mesa not-so-electric. It's not clear why Aloha would be the first place they would call, but Josh's boss knows he's lonely — Josh is organizing everything so he won't be alone with his thoughts — so he sends him to fix the problems. The festivalgoers cheer when Josh fixes the music, but the praise is short-lived. Rebecca decides that the best way for the two of them to get back at Josh is by peeing on his tech equipment — and somehow, Valencia agrees to it. Josh swears off dating — until he meets someone new, Anna (Brittany Snow), who thanks him for fixing the music. It's safe to say Josh won't be alone with his thoughts for long. Meanwhile, Darryl is having some insecurities about his relationship with White Josh. He meets several of White Josh's exes at the festival, and they're all around his age. Darryl worries that White Josh has a "fetish" for older men — until White Josh reminds him that he has insecurities, too. WhiteJoshFeather is definitely becoming the show's fan-favorite couple, especially now that Greg's gone. Even when the festival's over and everyone's back in West Covina, it looks like Valencia and Rebecca's friendship might actually become real. Heather gets on board with Valencia, too, saying that she's "basic, but in an enjoyable way." Of course, Rebecca's new friendship, combined with Paula's new friendship with a law school classmate, means they might not be spending as much time together as they used to. And if the promos for the next episode are any indication, it looks like there'll be some tension between the two of them. We're sad there doesn't seem to be a Thanksgiving episode this season, so until the next episode airs in two weeks, we'll have to settle for rewatching "I Give Good Parent."

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