Friends Staged The First Mannequin Challenge Back In 2003

The weird viral challenges that pop up today simply didn't exist back in 2003. Planking, the ice-bucket challenge, and, most recently, the Mannequin Challenge: None of these things could've trended way back when, when the iPhone had yet to be invented and the internet was a simpler place. Despite this, we've discovered something delightfully shocking about one of the most popular TV shows of the day: Friends started the Mannequin Challenge.
As E! News reports, an eagle-eyed Friends fan made the discovery in a deleted scene on the season 8 DVD. (Also: Remember DVDs?) The episode is "The One with the Boob Job," in which Joey believes Monica needed money for a breast augmentation, when really she and Chandler were just poor.
In the scene, new mom Rachel is trying to get baby Emma to crawl so the gang can see, but despite everybody's coaxing, Emma won't do it. "I think we're probably distracting her," Rachel says. "Let's everybody be still for just a minute." Monica, Chandler, and Joey instantly freeze in place — with the guys mid-shave and Monica holding a frying pan. Phoebe walks in and observes the strange scene. "Who's painting us?" she asks. And, scene. Thirteen years later, the world finally picked up on it and the Mannequin Challenge was born. Friends' work here is done. Mystery solved! Thanks for all the freeze-frame fun, guys. Oh, and the super-cute dog challenges.

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