Reese Witherspoon Is Selling A Wreath Witherspoon Dress

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Reese Witherspoon has a clothing brand called Draper James and she recently revealed a new item for sale, the Wreath Witherspoon dress. Fans of The Mindy Project have probably already stopped reading and are feverishly entering their credit card numbers to have the dress delivered in time for Christmas dinner. But here’s a primer for the rest of us on why this is a super cute nod from Reese. During last year’s Christmas episode of The Mindy Project, Mindy, a pop culture junkie, is offended that her boyfriend removed her “Rihanna Christmas tree topper” from atop its rightful place. Danny Castellano, who is a stickler for the sanctity of Christmas, threatens Mindy with “you’re lucky I let you put up that wreath.” He’s talking about Wreath Witherspoon, a traditional wreath with pictures of Reese Witherspoon all over it. And according to Mindy it’s the “nicest thing” in Danny’s apartment. But #WreathWitherspoon didn’t die at the the end of the episode. Fans started making their own holiday shrines for the Legally Blonde legend, and even got a shout out from Reese on Instagram.

The many variations of a #WreathWitherspoon (Regram @MindyKaling).... hahah....Love it!!!

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Now that the holidays have rolled around again, Reese has introduced the Wreath Witherspoon Dress, sans pictures of her face, as a special treat. How adorable is that?!

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