This Woman Who Tried To Use A Slice Of Pizza As Her ID Is All Of Us

Thursday, November 17 will henceforth be known as a national holiday, for it was the day a 22-year-old woman in Amherst, Massachusetts, attempted to enter a bar by showing a slice of pizza as her ID. That sound you're hearing is a chorus of people throughout the world saying "me," because never has there ever been anything more relatable. According to Rasif Rafiq, the owner of the bar in question, Monkey Bar, the woman was likely an Amherst College student who got a little too silly on a night out. BuzzFeed reports that after her pizza was rejected as an official form of identification, the student slapped the bouncer, putting a nail in the coffin of her chances of getting into the club that evening. Luckily, the establishment has a sense of humor. “He’s alright,” Rafiq said of the bouncer. “They have to have really thick skin, so this was a comparatively entertaining incident.” They don't even blame the student, because, hey, we've all been there. “We wish her the best with continuing her education," Rafiq continued. "We’ve all had nights in college we regret." Monkey Bar has had to update their policy, however. A new Facebook post clarifies that “Despite some popular misconceptions, Monkey Bar does not currently accept Antonio’s pizza as a valid form of ID. Sorry for the inconvenience." Guess we'll have to settle for just eating it.

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